Chi Wei-Jan 紀蔚然

Chi Wei-Jan (b.1954) holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Iowa, and is now professor of drama and theatre at National Taiwan University. He is a successful playwright and has written and produced many plays, including MIT: MAD IN TAIWAN (2008), THE MAHJONG GAME Trilogy (1997-2007), REEL MURDERS (2005), UTOPIA LTD (2001) and ONE BED, FOUR PLAYERS (1999). He has also published several books of essays including SERIOUSLY PLAYFUL (2004) and MISUNDERSTANDING SHAKESPEARE (2008). 

PRIVATE EYES is Chi Wei-Jan's first novel. Winner of almost every major literary award, it became a publishing sensation in Taiwan in 2011, topping the bestseller charts and going through five printings in only two months. PRIVATE EYES is a brilliant literary detective novel in which a failed-academic-turned-sleuth tries to make sense of the absurdity of modern life, and to prove his innocence in a series of murders. The first ever serial killer in Taiwan? A family scandal that points to a case of corruption? A Buddhist fanatic who turns to killing people as a way of “salvation”? These are just some of the elements that make this such a deliciously dark, yet comic novel.

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