Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to the Grayhawk Agency blog!

CC Image courtesy of Wavy1

These are exciting times over here at the Grayhawk Agency HQ, as we launch our blog and very soon, our website. This is where we will keep you updated on the latest news about our list of fantastic authors. So, please keep checking back!

About the agency:

The Grayhawk Agency is one of Asia's leading literary agencies, based in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2008 by Gray Tan, the agency's team of four agents handles translation rights in the Chinese markets on behalf of some of the biggest agencies and publishing houses across Europe and America. Gray first started representing Chinese language authors in 2009, and the agency continues to expand this part of its business, with Anna Holmwood joining the agency in 2012 to work on the list. Gray and Anna are always on the look out for fresh voices from the Chinese-speaking world, stories with vivid characters that evoke the diversity of life lived across the region. We make no claim to represent "Chinese literature" as an entity, but we do believe passionately that great stories know no borders and have the power to travel across the globe. 


  1. Dear Anna Holmwood, I understand you have translated Chi Wei-Jan's Private Eyes. Do you know if or when it will be available for purchase in the United States?

  2. Hi, I am the assistante of the French Philosopher Luc Ferry . He has juste given a conference in China on his lastest publication: INNOVATION DESTRUCTRICE: I wish to know if there is a possibility to translatre this book into Chinese and who shall we contact. I got your contact via Beijing University presse editor. Best regards li Chevalier

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